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Union Army

Cracraft, Abner W Sargent, 187th Ohio Infantry Company A. Mustered in May 1864 mustered out September 1866. He was 5’5” tall, light hair, light complexion and blue eyes. He was the son of James Cracraft and Sarah Van Kirk. Abner named a son Charles Van Kirk after his brother who was killed in Georgia during the war. 1838-1919.

Craycraft, Benjamin Private with the 56th Infantry U.S. Colored Troops. He was born 1844 Cape Girardeau. MO and was 5’4” tall, black eyes, black hair and dark complexion. He was a farmer. He enlisted June 8, 1863 for 3 years. He married Rachel Patterson. Ben was not present for Oct. 1863 muster. Assumed deserted at Helena Arkansas in September 63. No discharged was furnished. Rachel applied for pension as a widow October 19, 1910.

Craycraft, Charles 10th Missouri Infantry Company A. Son of Ryerson Cracraft and Emma Hyde. He applied for a pension and is listed as an Army invalid. Florence applied for a pension while living in Sioux City, Nebraska.1840-1920.

Cracraft, Charles Van Kirk. Private 15th Ohio Infantry Company G. Enlisted for 3 years 9-9-1861. Wounded in battle of Stone River 12-31-1862, TN; killed in action at Kenesaw, GA 6-21-1864. Son of James Cracraft and Sarah Van Kirk.1842-1864.

Cracraft, Charles Private119th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Company F. 5’5” tall, Brown hair, gray eyes, dark complexion. Muster in February 1865 Sterling, ILL; muster out August 1865 Mobile, Alabama. Son of Ryerson Cracraft and Emma Hyde. 1840-1920.

Cracraft, Foster Charles Private/Corporal 10th Regiment Kentucky Cavalry Company I. Mustered 9-9-1862 Covington, KY; mustered out 9-17-1863 Maysville, KY. Records show Foster Charles died in Ashland, KY August 1863. Possibly Foster and brother Charles joined the same unit the same time. Charles died in 1920. They are the sons of Harrison Egnew and Sarah Jefferson. Harrison used the last name of his step father, Thomas Cracraft.1838-1863.

Craycroft, Columbus Joel Private/Corporal 62nd Illinois Infantry, Company F. Son of Benjamin Craycroft and Elizabeth Black. 1845-1915.

Craycraft, Daniel R. 7th Kentucky Cavalry Company L.Farrier, deserted at Big Hill Aug. 1862, Absent Dec. 1862. was captured and paroled. Enlisted 3 yrs at Lexington, KY. Maybe son of Samuel Cracraft and Mary Dawson. 1815-

Craycroft, Davy Private 124th Kentucky Colored Infantry Company A. Born in Nelson County, Kentucky. Age 50, occupation a farmer when volunteered April 21, 1865 at Louisville.

Craycraft, Eli Jefferson 14th Kentucky Cavalry. Roll of Company "A," Fourteenth Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry. Quartermaster. Sergeant, Enrolled Aug. 15, 1862, Mustered in Nov. 6, 1862 at Mt. Sterling, Ky for 1 year; Mustered out Sep. 16, 1863, Maysville, Ky. Eli Jefferson died the following year Dec 10, 1864. He was born in Bath County, KY. Son of Eli and Polly Coshaw. 1833-1864.

Cracraft, George Tarvin Pvt 16th Kentucky Infantry Company A. Son of Abraham Dawson Cracraft and Rebecca Douglass. 1843-1928.

Craycraft, Henry Private13th Regiment US Colored Troops Company E. Corporal. He was a shoemaker from Washington County, Kentucky. 1886 applied for a pension listed as an invalid.

Craycraft, Ignatius 13th Regiment Heavy Artillery US Colored Troops. He was born in Washington County, KY, a farmer and 40 years old when he enlisted April 21, 1865 in Louisville. The examining surgeon certified that he had minutely inspected the volunteer previously to enlistment and that he was entirely sober when enlisted and is able bodied soldier. He was 5’7” tall, black eyes, black hair and black complexion. Ignatius is living in Boone, Harrison County, Indiana in 1880. He married Millie Ann Jones. Their children were Samuel born 1856 in KY, George b. 1858 in KY, John b. 1860 in KY, Nancy b. 1862 in KY, Mary born 1867 in Indiana, Edward b. 1871 in Indiana, Joseph b. 1872 in Ind., Franklin b. 1873 in Indiana, and Forbis b. 1878 in Indiana.

Cracraft, Jackson Private 120th Indiana Infantry Company H. Enlisted 1-2-1864 promoted to Corporal 8-17-1864. He was 5’6” tall, dark hair and dark complexion. He is the son of Joseph Cracraft and Nancy Tarbet.1828-1870.

Cracraft, James K. Private/Corporal 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry Company K. Enlisted September 1862. Son of Charles Cracraft and Margaret Knox. 1840-1910.

Cracraft, Jeramiah Myse, Private 16th Kentucky Infantry Company E. His brother William H. was in same regiment Company A. Son of Thomas B Cracraft and Mary Moran. 1844-1920.

Craycraft, Jeremiah Private, 189th Ohio Infantry Company I. Fullerton KY. Son of John William Craycraft and Charlotte Griffith. 1846-1901

Cracraft, John T. Private 93rd Indiana Infantry Company F. Enlisted Aug. 1862 for 3 years. November 1862, John became chronically ill with dysentery at Ft. Pickering near Memphis, Tennessee. He remained ill with dysentery for nine months and was transferred to the Invalid Corps in September, 1863. The Invalid Corps was made up of soldiers too sick to do full duty, but not sick enough to discharge. They were generally given duties in support of the main troops. No other information on his service is available other than a note in his file chastising him for losing his Enfield rifle at the battle of Jackson, Mississippi in May, 1863. John was mustered out of the service in Memphis in August, 1865. John is the son of Joseph Cracraft and Nancy Tarbet. His brother Jackson was in the 120th Indiana Infantry. 1826-1887.

Cracraft, John W. Quartermaster Sargent/2nd Lt. 23rd Ohio Infantry Company K & E Widow pension wife name Virginia T. son of Elbridge Cracraft and Mary Van Kirk.1847-1886.

Cracraft, John H/W. Private 36th Indiana Infantry Company K. Mustered in Richmond, Indiana October 24, 1861. Died 3-22-1862 in KY; buried Cave Hill National Cemetery, Louisville, KY. Son of Samuel Cracraft and Mahala Wiggins. 1845-1862.

Cracraft, Joseph 1st Lt. 163rd Ohio Infantry Compamy B. Enlisted 2-5-1864; mustered out 9-10-1864. Son of Joseph Cracraft and Ruth Chase. 1826-1879.

Creacraft, Joseph L. Private, 12 Pennsylvania Cavalry Company B. Enlisted 1862 Martinsburg, PA muster out Winchester VA July 1865. Son of Joseph Cracraft and Lucinda Mets. 1834-

Craycraft, Joseph T. Private/Corporal 63nd Pennsylvania Infantry Company A. Enlisted in the US Army July 22, 1861. He was 5’6” tall, light complexion and hair and had blue eyes. Promoted to Corporal 12-12-1862. On June 9, 1863 they had a skirmish with the rebels. Joseph went missing bearing mail. Son of Joseph Cracraft and Sarah Carver. 1842-1863?

Craycraft, Joseph N. Private. 129th Illinois Infantry Company G. died 12-27-1862. Interred at National Cemetery, Nashville, TN. Son of Thomas B. Cracraft and Sarah Umphemour. 1842-1862.

Cracraft, Lewis 1st Lt. 119th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Lewis is the son of Ryerson Cracraft and Emma Hyde.1836-1911

Cracraft, Milton T Private 15th Iowa Infantry. Son of David Cracraft and Rebecca Shingledeckle.1841-1914.

Craycraft, Reuben Private 45th Kentucky Mounted Infantry Company A. Son of Charles Cracraft and Mariah Hunt. 1846-1927.

Cracraft, Richard Private 12th Illinois Cavalry Company E Blacksmith. Enlisted January 1864 Chicago. He was 5’9” dark hair, blue eyes fair complexion. Absent July 4, 1865 Alexandria, LA. Son of Ryerson Cracraft and Emma Hyde. 1835-1923.

Craycraft, Richard M Private 6th Indiana Infantry Company A. Enlisted April 1861. Shot while enrolling enlistments in Rush County, Indiana 1863. Son of Thomas Craycraft and Elizabeth Unknown. 1839-

Craycraft, Samuel Private 13th US Colored Troops Heavy Artillery. From Washington County, KY died 4-10-1865.

Craycraft, Samuel J Private 129th Illinois Infantry Company G. Joined at Pontiac, Illinois 8-6-1862 for 3 years. Discharged 3-1-1863 Gallitin TN of disease. Son of Thomas Cracraft and Sarah Umphemour. 1843-1863.

Craycroft, Thomas J. Private, 28th Kentucky Infantry Regimental Clerk. He was 5’8” fair complexion, dark eyes, brown hair. He was 25 years old February 28, 1864 when enlisted and occupation was a clerk. He was born to in Bullitt County, KY to Henry J and Eliza Lee. He was discharged for disability at Clarksville, TN May 10, 1863. His brother William Edwin fought for the Confederacy. Born 1836.

Craycraft, William J. Private Indiana Permanent Party Garrison Guard Company G. Possible son of the following families; Thomas J. Craycraft and Sarah Meyers, William J. Cracraft and Sarah Marks, or Samuel Craycraft and Mahala Wiggins.

Craycraft, William J 2nd Lt. 156th Indiana Infantry Company B. Enlisted April 1865, mustered out August 1865. Son of Thomas J. Craycraft and Sarah Meyers. Married Margaret Adams. 1840-1895.

William Cracraft Private 6th Indiana Infantry Company E & F. Enlisted April 1861, discharged August,1861. Son of William J. Craycraft and Sarah Marks.

Craycraft, William B. Private 7th Kentucky Cavalry Company K. Enrolled at Cynthiana July 1862 discharged due to consumption died in Gallatin TN hospital January 26, 1863. 5’11” sandy complexion, grey eyes and light hair. Son of Thomas Craycraft and Lucretia Hendricks. 1839-1863.

Cracraft, William Henry. Private 16th Kentucky Infantry Company A. Served 3 years 10 months. Absent November 1862-June 1863 being in hospital in Louisville. Discharged on disability for chronic diarrhea with no improvement. Son of Thomas B. Cracraft and Mary Moran. His brother Jeremiah Myse served in same Regiment, Company E.1838-1915.

Craycraft, Zedekiah Private 24th Kentucky Infantry Company D. Enlisted 12-31-1861 for 3 years. 5’9” Dark complexion, dark eyes and dark hair. Born in Fleming County, KY and was a farmer. He was sick at Nashville, TN November 1862. Deserted at Frankfort or Louisville in January 1863 and rejoined unit in April 1863. In November 1864 he was absent on furlough and mustered out January 31, 1865. Son of William Craycraft and Miriam Parker. 1840-1922.


Craycraft, C. Private 2nd Kentucky Mounted Infantry Co. D. Captured near Atlanta, GA Sept. 5, 1864. Unknown.

Craycraft, Winchester “Chess”, Private and 2nd Lt. 9th Kentucky Cavalry, Company F. From Bath County, Kentucky. appears on Company Muster Roll of the organization named above for Sept. 15, 1862 to Jan. 1, 1863. Enlisted on Sept. 15, in Bath Co. Kentucky by Col. Stoner for 3 years. He was present. Appointed Commissary Serg't Dec. 1, and Ordenance Serg't Dec 23, 1862. December 1862 Co. F 4th Reg't Kentucky Mounted Rifles became Company F, 9th Regiment Kentucky Cavalry. Brickinridge's Battalion Kentucky Calvalry and Stoner's Battalion Kentucky Cavalry were consolidated in December 1862 and formed the 4th Regiment Kentucky Mounted Rifles which subsequently became the 9th Regiment Kentucky Cavalry. Winchester Cracraft, Serg't, Co. F, 4th Reg't. KY. Cav. appears on a roll of Prisoners of War at Military prison, Louisville, KY. Received April 27, 1863. Captured at Creesburg, KY on April 19, 1863 and discharged April 29, 1863. Baltimore. Claims to be a Serg't but believed to be LT and Brigade Q.M. Winchester Cracraft, Serg't Co. F, 4th Reg't KY Cav. appears on a Roll of Prisoners of War sent April 29, 1863 from Military Prison, Louisville, KY, to Baltimore, MD., en route for City Point Va. for exchange. Roll is not dated. Captured at Creesburg, KY,on April 19, 1863. He is detained to have his case examined into. Winchester Cracraft, Serg't, Co. F, 4th Reg't KY Cav., appears as a signature to a Roll of Prisoners of War paroled at Fort McHenry, MD, May 2, 1863. Roll is not dated. He was captured at Creesburg, KY, on April 19, 1863.

W. P. Craycraft, Pvt. 9 Reg't., KY Cav. appears on a Register of Floyd House and Ocmuigee Hospitals, Macon, Ga. Date Jan. 30, 1865. Hospital; Ocmuigee, Brigade; Williams. P.O. or State; Americus, Ga. Disease; Vs flesh wound of left calf and right thigh. Record of Medical Examining Board. Winchester Cracraft 2 Lieut 9th Reg't KY, Cav. Name appears as signature to an Oath of Allegiance to the United States, subscribed and sworn to before Wm. H. Bracken, 1st Lieut. & Asst. Pro. Mar. Genl., Dept. Cumb., at Nashville Tenn., May 19th 1865. Place of residence Bath Co. Ky. Complexion: Fair, hair: Dark, Eyes" Grey, Height 6 feet. Surrendered in Macon GA. on April 28, 1865, subscribed to oath May 19, 1865. Son of Jeremiah Craycraft and Nancy Duty. 1836-1884.

Cracraft, George Atkinson Surgeon 19th Virginia Cavalry. Imprisoned Kernstown, VA Jan. 1862 and discharged Sept. 1862. Son of William Atkinson Cracraft and Sarah Sax. 1815-1885.

Cracraft, George Knox Private 1st Virginia Artillery Company K. Enlisted Oct. 1861. Taken prisoner May 6 at the battle of Williamsburg. Sent to Ft. Monroe, VA. Exchanged August 1862, being sick chronic laryngitis and discharged. Elected Captain 23rd Arkansas Infantry. Company G. Light complexion, brown hair, gray eyes and 5’6”. Captured 7-9-1863 at Port Hudson, LA. POW transferred to Pt. Lookout, Baltimore, MD on Steamer “Planet” 2-9-1864. Transferred to Ft. Delaware June 23, 1864. Oath of Allegiance June 10, 1865. Son of George Atkinson and Jane Knox. 1838-1908.

Craycraft, John Thomas Private 6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry Company A. Enlisted October 1862 and surrendered in 1865. Son of Jeremiah Craycraft and Nancy Duty. 1843-1913.

Cracraft, Samuel W. Private 1st Kentucky Battalion of Mounted Rifles, Company A. Son of Joseph Cracraft and Sara Watson. 1818-1841.

Cracraft, William Allen Lt. 20th Virginia Cavalry Company I. In 1861 he went south and entered the confederate army, becoming a member of the Shriver Grays, Company G, Twenty-seventh Virginia infantry, Stonewall brigade. Discharged for being under age. He joined the Twentieth Virginia cavalry, Col. Arnett's regiment, and was second lieutenant of Company I. Paroled May 15, 1865. Son of George Atkinson Cracraft and Jane Knox. 1844-1920.

Craycroft, William Edwin Private 2nd Kentucky Regiment Company C. From Jefferson County, Kentucky. Captured Ft. Danielson 2-16-1862 POW at Camp Morton Indiana. Surrendered Washington, GA 5-11-1865. Brother of Thomas J. who fought for the Union. Son of Henry J. Craycroft and Eliza Lee. Born 1839.

Craycraft, William G. Private 8th Kentucky Cavalry, Company I. Enlisted September 1862 Mt. Sterling, KY. POW at Salisville 7-26-1863; transferred to Camp Douglas 8-23-1863. Paroled and transferred to Point Lookout for exchange 2-24-1865. Son of John Tilford Craycraft and Nancy Foster. 1837-1875.

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