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1. Craycraft Branch- a stream off Tygarts Creek in Greenup County, KY.

2. Craycraft Lane- Greenup County, KY.

3. Craycraft Lane- street off Rt. 7, Greenup County, KY.

4. Moore Craycraft Road- South Shore, Greenup County, KY.

5. Craycraft Road- Tollesboro, Lewis County, KY.

6. Craycraft Road- Bath County, KY.

7. Craycraft Avenue- Jefferson County, KY.

8. Craycraft, Kentucky- located in Adair, KY. 37°5′38″N 85°12′10″W

9. Craycraft Avenue- Riverside, OH.

10. Craycraft Avenue- Dayton, OH.

11. Craycraft Avenue- Huber Heights, OH.

12. Denny Craycraft Veteran’s Freedom Park, - Belding MI.

13. Craycraft Road- Lees Summit, MO.

14. Jacob’s Cave- Versailles, Jefferson County, MO. Named after miner Jacob Craycraft.

15. William S. Craycraft Park - Mission Viejo, CA.

16. Cracraft Road, Claysville, Washington County, PA.

17. Cracraft Road, East Finley, Washington County, PA.

18. Cracraft, Jamestown, PA.

19. Cracraft Avenue, Wheeling, WVA.

20. Craycroft Road, IR 10, Exit 268, Tucson, AZ.

21. Craycroft Park Apartments, Tucson, AZ.

22. Craycroft Inn, Tucson, AZ .

23. Craycroft Avenue, Debary, FL.

24. Craycroft Diggings Mine- Downieville, CA.

25. Craycroft Building- Downieville, CA.

26. Craycroft Park- 1080 West Sierra Ave. Fresno, CA .

27. Craycroft Elementary- 5455 East Littletown, Tucson, AZ.

28. East and West Cracroft Islands- Central Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

29. Cracroft British Columbia- on West Cracroft Island.

30. Cracroft – Christchurch, New Zealand also Cracroft Caverns.

31. Cracroft Lane- Scarcliffe, Chesterfield England.

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